Bring Home A Professionally Trained Puppy

We offer a professional training service for all our puppies. They will learn everything from potty training to long-distance commands and obedience.

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Michelle Kidd: (336) 244-5558

Union Grove, NC

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Golden Retrievers 

Available in our Nursery

Schedule a paw visit to our family farm or ask about our transportation services we can provide to help provide you a great family experience.We now offer basic obedience and potty training.

Weston- male golden retriever 2.jpg
Weston- male golden retriever 1.jpg

Meet Weston!

Male: Golden Retriever

Lenard- male golden retriever 1.jpg
Lenard- male golden retriever 2.jpg

Meet Lenard!

Male: Golden Retriever

Liam- male golden retriever 1.jpg
Liam- male golden retriever 2.jpg

Meet Liam!

Male: Golden Retriever

Lincoln- male golden retriever 1.jpg
Lincoln- male golden retriever 2.jpg

Meet Lincoln!

Male: Golden Retriever

Louie- male golden retriever 2.jpg
Louie-male golden retriever 1.jpg

Meet Louie!

Male: Golden Retriever

Wallace- male golden retriever 1.jpg
Wallace-male golden retriever 2.jpg

Meet Wallace!

Male: Golden Retriever


Leslie- female golden retriever 1.jpg
Leslie- female golden retriever 2.jpg

Meet Leslie!

Female: Golden Retriever

Lily- female golden retriever 1.jpg
Lily- female golden retriever 2.jpg

Meet Lily!

Female: Golden Retriever

Lila- female golden retriever 1.jpg
Lila- female golden retriever 2.jpg

Meet Lila!

Female: Golden Retriever

Male Golden retriever group photo.jpg
Female golden retriever group photo.jpg

Golden Retrievers

Males & Females

English Cream Male Group Photo.jpg
English Cream Female Group Photo.jpg

English Cream Goldens

Males & Females

Reserve a puppy with a deposit

Before making a reservation on a certain puppy please call or text Michelle to make sure that puppy is still available or else we can not guarantee you will get him or her.

Schedule a visit to our family farm to meet and play with are little goldens

Kate "Golden Retriever"

I just wanted to send you an update on Kate from Sandy x Turbo. She just turned 2 in December and we are incredibly happy with her! She has been a wonderful, well-rounded dog with a perfect temperament and no health issues whatsoever.
I am currently doing scent work and agility with her, and hope to compete with AKC in the near future! She loves to learn!
We took her on her first “big girl” camping and hiking trip to Asheville, NC over the weekend and she did amazing. Here are a few photos of her
Thanks again for giving us such an amazing dog!

 Each one of these adorable golden retriever puppies have great personalities and our easily trained. Most of the puppies have a calm laid back demeanor. They will make good family companions and be a loving supportive part of your family. Their parents fetch and our well trained. We would be happy to let you come out to the farm and play with them. You will be supplied with a puppy pack and full registration. Health Guarantee provided :)

For Questions on Availability