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About Us

We're More Than A Breeder, We're Family

We as a family find great joy in helping make memories for you as a dog lover.  As we are family, our dogs are family. We are devoted to our puppies and socialize with them daily. We ensure each puppy enjoys their newly found life by playing and running in the vast open land surrounding our home. We also daily reward our puppies with treats for their good behavior! 

Many hands make light work; because we harness the power of a network of dedicated families each raising litters at their own homes. This is how we are able to provide premium selection while still maintaining the standards of individual care that each puppy deserves. 

The puppy breeds that are available as part of our Golden Star family are Golden Retrievers, Goldendoodles, German Shepherds, Labradoodles, and Aussiedoodles!

​Our friend Michelle is also a part of our team in answering your questions and setting up a time to meet us at our home. She is highly educated on how our family cares for our dogs and will respond promptly to your questions.

When you do visit our family home you will notice we also have horses and ponies roaming as well! We invite you to our home near Union Grove, North Carolina. We do ask though that you contact Michelle to make a deposit to reserve your pick of the litter then schedule an appointment prior to visiting. She will share our address and information on where we are located. Our goal is that when you leave our home you will have a healthy happy puppy to add to your family!

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