Bring Home A Professionally Trained Puppy

We offer a professional training service for all our puppies. They will learn everything from potty training to long-distance commands and obedience.

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Michelle Kidd: (336) 244-5558

Union Grove, NC

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AKC English Cream Golden Retriever

Available in our Nursery

Upcoming Litter Reservation

3 Males - 5 Females  Available April 1rst

Male Pick 1:

Male Pick 2:

Male Pick 3:

Female Pick 1:

Female Pick 2:

Female Pick 3:

Female Pick 4:

Female Pick 5:

Hudson- male english cream 2.jpg
Hudson- male english cream 1.jpg

Meet Hudson!

Male: Golden Retriever


Heather-female english cream 2.jpg
Heather- female english cream 1.jpg

Meet Heather!

Female: Golden Retriever


Haven-female english cream 2.jpg
Haven-female english cream 1.jpg

Meet Haven!

Female: Golden Retriever


Hanna- female english cream 1.jpg
Hanna- female english cream 2.jpg

Meet Hanna!

Female: Golden Retriever


Male english cream group photo.jpg
female english cream group photo.jpg

Male & Females


Holly- female english cream 2.jpg
Holly- female english cream 1.jpg

Meet Holly!

Female: Golden Retriever


Heidi-female english cream 2.jpg
Heidi- female english cream 1.jpg

Meet Heidi!

Female: Golden Retriever


Harvey- male english cream 2.jpg
Harvey- male english cream 1.jpg

Meet Harvey!

Male: Golden Retriever


montego- English Cream Male ...jpg


Montego & Penny

Pebbles- Golden Retriever 2.jpg

Golden Retrievers

Schedule a time to meet us at our Family Farm in Union Grove, NC

These adorable English Cream golden retriever puppies have great personalities and our easily trained. They are very active and full of energy and playfulness. They will make good family companions and be a loving supportive part of your family. There parents fetch and our well trained. We would be happy to let you come out to the farm and play with them. You will be supplied with a puppy pack and full registration. Health Guarantee provided :)