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F1b Mini Goldendoodle

The Mini Goldendoodle is a delightful and charming small dog breed that combines the best traits of the Golden Retriever and the Miniature Poodle. These lovable companions are known for their fluffy, non-shedding coats that come in various colors, including cream, apricot, and red. Mini Goldendoodles typically have a friendly and outgoing personality, making them excellent family pets and therapy dogs.


Female F1B mini golden doodle grp photo.





Expected Weight:

15 - 25 Pounds

  • Vaccinations & De-Worm Up To Date

  • Health Checked By Licensed Vet

  • Two Year Health Guarantee

  • Complimentary Pet Microchip


Cinnamon 1.JPG
Cinnamon 1.JPG


Mini Goldendoodle

18 lbs



Genetic Health Report Button.png


Female F1B mini golden doodle grp photo.




Mini Poodle

23 lbs



Genetic Health Report Button.png

Reserve a puppy with a deposit

Before making a reservation on a certain puppy please call or text Michelle to make sure that puppy is still available or else we can not guarantee your selection. Please contact us to make the deposit on a puppy then schedule an appointment for pick up or delivery of your new puppy. Placing a deposit on a puppy ensures a pick will be saved for you. Ask about professional canine training or transportation services we can provide to create a premium experience for you and your new puppy. We do our best to provide weekly photo updates until pick up or delivery time arrives.  You will also be supplied with a puppy starter pack including a health guarantee and registration documents where applicable.

our puppies food

Dog's health is one of your most important concerns and priorities when buying and raising one on your own. We feel the exact same way from the time that they are born until they are adopted to our amazing families! A complimentary small bag of food will be provided with each puppy and larger bags will also be available for purchase at the time of pick up. 

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