Goldendoodle Puppies

This amazing litter of Goldendoodles is estimated to grow to be between 50-60 pounds. Look at their sweet faces and their beautiful coats!

Gracie- female golden doodle 1.jpg
Gracie- female golden doodle 2.jpg

Meet Gracie!

Female: Goldendoodle


Gidget- female golden doodle 1.jpg
Gidget- female golden doodle 2.jpg

Meet Gidget!

Female: Goldendoodle


George- male golden doodle 1.jpg
George- male golden doodle 2.jpg

Meet George!

Male: Goldendoodle


Gigi- female golden doodle 1.jpg
Gigi- female golden doodle 2.jpg

Meet Gigi!

Female: Goldendoodle


Ginger- female golden doodle 1.jpg
Ginger- female golden doodle 2.jpg

Meet Ginger!

Female: Goldendoodle



Female golden doodle grp photo.jpg
Male golden doodle grp photo.jpg

Females and Males



Gabby & Luke

Reserve a puppy with a deposit

Before making a reservation on a certain puppy please call or text Michelle to make sure that puppy is still available or else we can not guarantee your selection. You may also schedule a paw visit to our home or ask about professional canine training or transportation services we can provide to create a premium experience for you and your new puppy.  You will be supplied with a puppy starter pack including a health guarantee and registration documents where applicable.

Ensuring your puppy arrives home safely

We will provide transportation for your puppy if needed and have had great success with our puppies traveling all over the USA. 

Bring Home A Professionally Trained Puppy

We offer a professional training service for all our puppies. They will learn everything from potty training to long-distance commands and obedience.

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Call / Text

Michelle Kidd: (336) 244-5558

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