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I can't express enough how pleasant and unique our experience was with getting Gibbs. I had been researching goldendoodles for months and just was not ready to commit. It seemed like lots of websites I found made me weary because they had a "puppy mill" feel to them. When I found Golden Star's Website, I immediately called the number on the screen because it is SO MUCH nicer to speak with an actual person than send an email, which is all I could do on other websites. Michelle was in a car line picking her kids from school, and I felt immediate peace knowing that any puppy I would get would be one that has been raised in a home with a family. As she was answering my 1000 question, she told me a litter had been born on April 26th. I was beside myself because that is my birthday, so I was fully committed from that point on. I am generally apprehensive about deposits or sending money to someone I have never met, but clearly the risk paid off for us. Michelle sent us pictures as the puppies got older and we "thought" we knew which puppy we would get based on the photos, but we were so wrong. Gibbs picked us! He is the happiest dog, loves kids, loves riding in the car, and I shed more then he does. His favorite place in the world to sleep is on my pillow with me, which I love! Meeting the family and their children and their obvious connection with these puppies was a special experience. Gibbs has brought us so much joy and we cannot imagine ever going anywhere else to get a puppy now. PS Don't be freaked out  about the vitamins! We decided if we were willing to spend the money on Gibbs, we were going to do anything possible to keep hime healthy. I encourage you all to do the same.

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